Ministry Of Interior - Kuwait - وزارة الداخلبة - الكويت

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Boat Float Plan
Dear seafarer for your safety, we urge you to cooperate with the General Department of Coast Guard to fill out the sailing plan Form in order to facilitate the searching missions in case of Emergency.

Safety and Security Guidelines

1. Inspecting the hull of the boat as well as the engine.
2. Inspecting the safety and security equipment, navigation devices and making sure of its validity.
3. Ensuring that there are backup quantities of fuel, water and food.
4. Ensuring the work of the navigation lights and devices that switch on the light signal.
5. Inspecting the distress tools and ensuring its validity.
6. In case of emergency, please contact the coast guard hotline 1880888

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Survival & Emergency Equipments

Float Plan

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Select A Date

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